How to Apply Online for an Indian Passport in Qatar

Starting from 15th September 2017 all passport applications for a new Indian passport and Passport Renewal in Qatar should be applied through Online and the manual application will not be accepted. 
  • Embassy: Embassy of India, Qatar
  • Service: Apply New Indian Passport / Passport Renewal Online
  • Embassy website:
  • Apply for New Passport Online:
Apply Online for Indian Passport in Qatar

Step by Step Guidelines to Apply Online for a New Indian passport

Visit Online NRI Passport Application On-Line Passport Registration at Indian Mission/Post For NRIs Website and click on Online Registration Form 

A screen will appear as above. in which there are three major sections like Online Registration, Applicant Information, Address Details etc. 

Online Registration

Select the Indian Mission that applies to you from the drop down menu.

Select the desired service from the drop down menu. 

(A) Fresh Passport
(B) Re-issue of Passport
(C) New Passport in lieu of damaged/ lost passport.
(D) Passport for Children upto 15 years of age
(E) Emergency Certificate

Enter Surname and Given Name in the columns provided.

If you ever changed your Name before simply tick the box provided and Enter your Previous Name.

Applicant Information

Fill the Applicant Information like Sex, Date of Birth, Place of Birth, District / Country, Qualification, Profession, Visible Mark, Height (in cms), Colour of Eyes, Colour of Hair etc. Once all the details are printed fill the Address Details. 

Address Details

Enter your Address (permanent address in India) which is to be printed in Passport.

A Temporary Application ID will be generated automatically.

After entering all the details click on Save and Continue. This will direct you to the next page.

In the Second Page, there are three sections like Address Details, Applicant’s Family Information, Passport Details

Address Details. 

Enter your Qatar address in the field “Other Address” along with Phone numbers and Email Address in appropriate places designated on the form.

Applicant’s Family Information. 

In this section enter the following Informations like Marital Status, Spouse’s Name, Spouse Nationality, Name of Applicant’s Father, Father Birth Country, Nationality of father at the time of Applicant’s Birth, Name of Applicant’s mother, Mother Birth Country, Nationality of Mother at the time of Applicant’s Birth in the columns provided. 

Passport Details

In this section enter the following Informations like

(a) If you have/ had an Indian passport, check the box and enter the previous passport details.
(b) For ‘File Number’ - This can be found generally on the last page of recent passports. If you do not have a “File Number” (in most old passports, it cannot be found), then put any four digits (like 1234) in the on-line application.
(c) Then enter the Date of Expiry.

After filling all the fields, make sure they are correct and then press the “Save & Continue”. This will direct you to the next page.

The third Page, the applicant has to 

(a) Upload his / her image - If the applicant is choosing this option, he/she can upload his / her image which is stored in the computer. After uploading the image, the applicant can select Save and Continue option. This will direct you to the next page.

(b) If the Applicant is clicking the option save and continue without uploading the image, it will direct to the next page.

The fourth Page

Please note down the File Number given in this page for future reference. This may be needed for reprint of application. The applicant can either Generate pdf or Click for exit from here.

By clicking on Generate pdf button the applicant can save the pdf format of the application. The applicant can print the application as soon as the printer is ready.

By clicking on Click for Exit the applicant can exit from the last page of the passport portal and the first page will open.

Note: The procedure mentioned above is for informational purposes and subject to change by the authorities at any time. Kindly follow the guideline provided in the actual form when filling and submitting forms and documents.

Important Points to Remember. The applicant will normally get a three-page printout of the online filled application. 

The following points needs to be remembered while filling up of application form: -

1. Fields that are marked with * are compulsory and must filled correctly.

2. Specimen Signatures or thumb impressions should be provided in the appropriate boxes of the application form. Parents should not sign for minors in the Boxes provided for the same. While signatures of minors are preferred, however, if minors are not able to sign, then their thumb impressions should be taken in the boxes.
(a) Care should be taken to ensure that signature/ thumb impression does not spill over out of the box.
(b) Thumb impressions should be made preferably in blue ink. Thumb impression (left thumb for male and right thumb for female) should also be clearly visible.
(c) Signature should be made using thick pen with blue or black ink.

3. Recent Photograph (size of 2’’ x 2’’) with white/off-white background should be affixed on the printed application form. The photo should have full frontal view of the face and face should occupy 75 % of the photo area.

4. In case of minors, passport details of both parents should be given. They should sign the declaration given in the application form. If only one parent is signing a child’s application, then reasons for the same (death cases, divorce cases etc) should be provided along with supporting documents. In case of new born applications, birth registration form (FORM I – from should be filled and submitted along with the online application form.

5. For Sl.7 of the application form, provide particulars of a person (including address) whom to be intimated in the event of death or accident.

6. For Sl.9, give details in case the applicant is having a License issued by Qatar Authorities. Otherwise Your national driving license must be recognized by the Qatari authorities; the list of eligible nationalities is available on the Ministry of Interior of Qatar website.

7. Other details which are to be filled manually are as follows: -
(a) Education Qualification details
(b) Residential details abroad
(c) Emigration details
(d) Profession details
(e) Citizenship details
(f) Name and Address of two relatives
(g) Visit the Embassy after completing the remaining columns of the printed application form along with application fee and necessary documents supporting the application.
(h) Details of court cases -if any.
(i) Lost passport details -if any.
(j) Particulars of Children.

8. Rules and Regulations are subject to periodic changes, hence check with Embassy to get the latest information on all procedures of applying for consular services.

For more details please contact Indian Embassy Qatar @ Phone: +974 44 25 5777 - 9 AM to 5:30 PM or visit 
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