Saturday, April 28, 2018

How to Apply for Birth Certificate in UAE

If a baby is born in United Arab Emirates (UAE) an official certificate will be issued upon request mentioning Given Name, Date of Birth, Birth Place, Parents, Nationality, Religion etc.
  • Service: Issue Birth Certificate in UAE
  • Department: Preventive Medicine Department
  • Sector: Health centers and clinics Sector

Documents Required:

1. Original Marriage Certificate of the Parents along with a Copy 

(If the Marriage is taken place outside UAE the Certificate must be attested from the UAE embassy in the respective country and the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs)

2. Original and Copy of Parents Passport (Father's passport and Mother's passport (Valid Visa is required for expatriates)

3. Presence of father is required or his representative by Power of attorney

4. Original and Copy of Emirates ID Card

5. Copy of the original birth certificate for Local 

(If the mother of the child is not a local, Mother's passport is required with valid visa)

6. Attested Original birth notification from hospital

* For local if the birth of the child outside UAE: In addition to the routine documents, below documents are required:

1. Attested Birth certificate by the UAE embassy in that country.

2. Passport must be presented with entry stamp

Conditions and Requirements:

1. Original and Copy documents to be bought

2. If the father is not present an official power of attorney is required from the father is required

3. Visit Preventive Medicine Center with required documents based on the Emirate in which the birth took place.

4. Birth certificates should be stamped by Health Authority AbuDhabi or Dubai Health Authority equivalent to the seal of the Ministry of Health and Prevention

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