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Guidelines for Carrying of Personal Medicines in UAE - Banned Medicines List

The Pharmacy Federal Law No 4 of 1983 and Narcotic Law 14 of 1995, regulate the import of medicines (Narcotics / Psychotropic / General and any controlled medicines) in to UAE. 

Majority of the medicines which are used worldwide are available in community pharmacies and hospitals in UAE.

The travelers / Passengers carrying personal medicines are advised to seek permission from Registration and Drug Control Department, Ministry of Health, before traveling to UAE.

Any personal medicines carrying of by travelers / Passengers will be subjected to inspection by the Ministry of Health Inspectors and Customs department at the port of entry in to the UAE.

Procedures to be followed by the travelers / Passengers entering in to or transiting through the UAE.

a) Controlled Medicines (Narcotic, Psychotropic, CDA and CDB)

1. A prior approval from the Registration and Drug Control Department, Ministry of Health is required for carrying narcotic drugs with travelers / Passengers who are coming in to or transit through UAE.

2. Traveler / Passenger should have in his / her possession below mentioned documents (in Arabic or in English).
  • Valid Medical prescription (If Original copy is not available an attested copy of the prescription should be kept).
  • Authenticated certificate and / or permit, from the health authority of the country of departure, confirming his / her legal authority to possess, for personal use, medical preparations mentioned therein.
  • Amount of medicines carrying by any travelers / passengers should not be exceeded for a period of 30 days of treatment.

3. Above documents should be in the traveler's / passengers possession during the stay in UAE, and should be provided on request for presentation to the authorities.

4. Traveler / Passenger shall be required to present the above documents to the customs authorities in the port of entry and get signed and stamped by the customs officer.

5. Transit travelers have to comply with the required procedures when entering and leaving the UAE.

b) Regular Medicines - Prescription only medicines (POM)

Prescription only medicines (POM) are medical preparations:

» not listed in Schedule IV of Narcotic Law 14 of 1995 of UAE , even if their use is permitted in the country of departure

» not included or containing any of the substances mentioned in the INCB conventions

» Controlled registered medicines mentioned in the MOH CDA and CDB list;

A traveler to the UAE can carry along with him / her the Prescription only medicines for his / her personal use, for period of not more than three  (3) months consumption provided that he / she has to carry a valid medical prescription.

c) Non registered medicines

It is prohibited by the UAE Federal Law no 4 for 1983 to bring non registered medicines into UAE, therefore the travelers / passengers are not allowed to carry non registered / banned medicines

d) Carrying of Cancelled Medicines

Travelers / Passengers are not allowed to carry cancelled medicines as these are considered to be banned for use in UAE

Cancelled Medicines are either;

~ have been registered previously with the Ministry of Health but cancelled afterwards because of safety or quality defects 
~ have not been authorized to register or distribute

e) Herbal Medicines

The drugs listed in Schedule IV of Narcotic Law 14 of 1995 of UAE, are prohibited in the UAE, even if their use is permitted in the country of departure.

For all other herbal medicines follow the same procedure for regular (Prescription only medicines

f) Medical Devices

To carrying of Medical devices containing any medicinal active ingredients mentioned in the above categories a, b, c, d and e should follow the
respective procedure.

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