Monday, January 7, 2019

What to do if your Qatar ID is lost in your Native Place?

“What is to be done if an expatriate loses his Qatar ID while on vacation in his native place?” 

If an expatriate loses his Qatar ID and has no way to regain it, then it will be difficult to go back to Qatar. 

In order to make it easy for such expatriate, MOI has introduced an easy solution that can be applied in such a situation, the steps of which are as follows:

What to do if your Qatar ID is lost in your Native Place

1. Raise a complaint of losing a Qatar ID in the police station within the jurisdiction that the ID was lost in your native place. After this, the complainant should keep a copy of the First Information Report (FIR) which is signed and stamped from the police station.

2. Then log in to his ‘Metrash 2’ then click on ‘Leave notification’ and should to ‘Return Permit’. From the dropdown list of operations, Choose ‘lost ID’ and submit by paying the fine of QR. 200/-. After this, he will receive an email from MOI along with the approval to re-enter in Qatar, which can be shown to the concerned authority in the airport.

3. Upon arrival in Qatar, either the expatriate himself or the company representative (for company employees) shall approach immigration authority to get the replacement for the lost Qatar ID.

Courtesy: Adv. Jaffarkhan M. (Head of Sports & External Activities Affairs, ICC-Doha)

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