Tuesday, April 7, 2020

dxbpermit.gov.ae - How to Apply for Work / Personal Movement Permit Registration in Dubai

https://dxbpermit.gov.ae is the official website for applying for Work / Personal Movement Permit Registration in Dubai. Residents in Dubai will get a movement permit once in three days.

Around the clock, for two weeks (starting from 8:00 PM of 4th April 2020) for a renewable period there will be travel restrictions in Dubai and only those who have permits can travel in those periods. 
How to Apply for Movement Permit Registration in Dubai?
If Work 
  • Click on Work
  • Select the Occupation in the Dropdown
  • Once you select your Occupation and click on Next. If the below message arises you are in the exemption list and no need of a permit. 
With regard to the exempt sectors and their employees, registration is not required, but they must obtain a letter from the employer stating their movement to and from work. The paper has to be presented if stopped by authorities.

For Personal
  • Click on Personal
  • Select the Reason from the Dropdown (ATM Cash Withdraw / Grocery / Pharmacy Supplies / Emergency)
  • Fill your Full Name, ID Type (Emirates ID / Passport / Driving License), ID Number, Nationality, Home Address and Click on Next
  • Select Transportation (Car, Walking / Cycle, Motor Cycle / Public Transport), If Car Selected Select Plate Source and Plate Number
  • Fill the Source and Destination Address
  • Select the Date 
  • Enter the Travel Time (From and To)
  • Click on Apply
  • The permit will be issued only once every three days.
If anyone does not get the permit using the website can call 800737648 and given your plate number and get the permit.

If you are in the exempt sectors and their employees move permit registration is not required but they must obtain a letter from the employer stating their movement to and from work. If stopped by authorities they have to present the paper in order to save themselves from fines.

Without Paper from Employer or Move Permit if you got caught, you will be fined. 

Additional Purposes of Sanction of Movement Permit:

Cash Withdrawal: Issued only once in five days and issued for of a maximum of one Hour and the applicant cannot leave their Residence Area.

Medical visits: Applicants have to apply for medical visits through the medical emergency category. Movement Permit for this category is stopped.

For support please call: 800-PERMIT (800 737648)

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