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The Directorate Generl of Civil Aviation (DGCA0 has launched an application called Kuwait Traveler which need to be Download, Register and Used by all Departing and Arriving Passengers in Kuwait. 

Effective 1st August 2020, all passengers arriving to and departing from Kuwait International Airport are required to register their flight details on “Kuwait-Mosafer” 96 hours prior to their flight.

How to Sign In or Register in Kuwait Mosafer?

To Login Enter your E-Mail Address and Password and click on Login. To Register Click on Create Account.
After clicking Create Account Enter First Name, Last Name, Mobile Number, E-Mail, Password and click on Register.
Once Register Online. Sign In to the account and you can add your flight by clicking on Add Flight.
Select Arrival to Kuwait or Departure from Kuwit and Enter your Flight Date, Select your Airline from the Drop Down List, Enter Flight Number and click on Next to add your Flight. 

Facilities Provided in Kuwait Mosafer App / Website

At Home Services

Health Check Procedure
Use this app to check and confirm your health status and enter your body temperature.

Book your Airport Check-in Visit Time
To help reduce your waiting time at check-in counters, you can select a book a check-in counter time slot. You will receive a QR code to claim your turn at the airport counters.

Get your Boarding Pass Online
You will be redirected to your airline’s online check-in webpage to obtain your digital boarding pass.

Buy what you need to have a safe journey
Use this app to buy safety masks, gloves and other items you will need to have a safe trip.

Book Airport Premium Services
Book Meet & Assist and lounge services to save time and avoid airport crowds.

At Airport Services

Proceed Safely to Check-in Counters
Show your Check-in Reservation QR code to proceed immediately to your check-in counter appointment.

Receive Boarding Notifications
This app will keep you informed about boarding gate timing.

Baggage Notifications
You will be notified about the status of your baggage. You can also book baggage delivery services.

Get Help When You Need It
Use this app to report any issues you find at the airport or conduct and emergency call.

Travel Guidelines by the DGCA

DGCA wishes you a safe and pleasant journey, please follow the instructions in this application.

Do I need PCR certificate to travel?
Travel requirements for each country differ including the requirement for a PCR certificate. All travelers are requested to check with the authorities at their destination whether a PCR certificate is required.

In case you or any of your accompanying passengers feel a change in health conditions, make sure you reach out to the airport authorities

Kuwait International Airport - 161
Police, Ambulance and Fire Services - 112
Hotline of Ministry of Health - 151

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