Take part in Dubai RTA Virtual Game and win 2 million Nol points - Hunt for the Virtual Treasure

Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) will have a Virtual Game in their RTA Website on 1st November 2020 named ‘Hunt for the Virtual Treasure’ which enables the commuters to search for Gold Coins available in various modes of public transport. Seven commuters collecting the highest number of points will get fabulous prizes.

The first winner will get 1 million nol Plus loyalty points. 

The runner-up will get half a million points and 

the third-place finisher will have a quarter of a million points credited to his or her nol card. 

The fourth winner will get 10,000 points and 

the remaining three winners will get 50,000 points each. 

There will be 7 winners in total and a total of 2 million points will be rewarded.

Winners can use these nol points for 

Paying for public transport fares 

Shopping in about 11,000 approved outlets. 

Enter Etihad Museum and public parks across Dubai etc.

RTA will start Public Transport Day’s events starting from Sunday, 25th October 2020 by increasing all nol Plus points earned through the use of public transit modes by three folds.

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